Thursday, March 23, 2017

Today's Workout:
10 rounds for time, of:
9 Thrusters (95/65 lbs)
35 Double-Unders

Time cap: 40-minutes

6:00am class:
Heat 1 (6:30am): Gabe (Matt), Yoshi (Chris S), Megan (Haili), Maryrose (Gracie), Beaman
Heat 2 (6:45am): Matt M (Gabe), Chris S (Yoshi), Haili (Megan), Gracie (Maryrose), Kyle, Greg M

8:30am class:
Heat 1 (9:00am): Linn, Katelyn (Iris), Mary, Joy K (Glenn), Jon M (Christine), Lara, Bob K
Heat 2 (9:15am): Iris, Christine (Jon M), Glenn (Katelyn), Andrea (Linn), Chelli, Jess

Noon class:
Heat 1 (12:30pm): Andrew (Nate), Jen J (MJ), Steve Y (Shawna) Liz Liu (visitor)
Heat 2 (12:45pm): Nate (Andrew), Melissa J (Jen J), Shawna (Steve Y), Raynell, Ken K

Doors open at 5:00pm, first heat will start at 5:30pm. IMPORTANT: Please help us out and find street parking for this event. We expect a large number of athletes and we do not want to have to ask you to move your car in the middle of your warm-up or workout. Thank you!

HEAT 1 (5:30pm):
Thibs, Ryan A, Brad, Lei, Nate O, Kendall, and Priscilla

HEAT 2 (5:50pm):
Nick, Luke, Cullen, Darin, Sergio, Chantelle, and Diamand

HEAT 3 (6:10pm):
Rob, Andrew G, Aaron F, Eric, John, Zach, Alicia, and Sarah

HEAT 4 (6:30pm):
David, Roberto, Nader, Lewis, Mike Y, Jenna, and Kelcie

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