Friday, February 22, 2019

Intramural Scoring

Alright, gang! So sorry this took so long, we had a bunch of last minute additions to our Open roster and I had to make sure they got onto a team. Here is the breakdown of the scoring for our first ever Intramural!

There are 3 ways to score for your team each week/workout: PARTICIPATION, PERFORMANCE, and SPIRIT!

  • PARTICIPATION: whichever team has the higher number of athletes who complete the workout for that week.
  • PERFORMANCE: we have 3 Intramural Skill Levels -- Open RX, Open Scaled, and Open Modified. All Open Workouts must be completed as prescribed within each level in order to be scored. Each team will then have a Performance Subtotal, which is the average of all athletes' scores within their skill level. Then each skill level subtotal is given a placement.
  • SPIRIT: each week we will have a theme for the Open! The team with the most spirit will get this "W"!
    • 19.1 - TEAM COLOR
    • 19.2 - JERSEYS
    • 19.3 - TIE DYE
    • 19.4 - 80s
    • 19.5 - TBA

Open 19.1 Heat Schedule

“CrossFit Games Open Event 19.1”
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 15-minutes:
19 Wall Balls (20/14 lbs to 10/9')
19 Calories on the Rower

Friday Night Lights Heat Schedule:
Doors will open at 4:00pm and the first heat will go at 4:30pm. If you plan on staying for awhile to watch and cheer others on, please find parking offsite. Thank you for your kokua! Please make sure you arrive with enough time prior to your heat start to warm-up. You will be on your own to warm-up for Friday Night Lights.

HEAT 1 (4:30pm): Lei, Matt Lee, Keoni, Josh Golden, Rachel Lai, Ren, Marsha
HEAT 2 (4:50pm): Josh Akiona, Chad Tam, Tony, Zach, Sergio, Noe, Lindsey, Betta, Casey Hutnick
HEAT 3 (5:10pm): Casey Hawk, Jason A, Nic, Nate Oki, Sarah Ho, Sarah Rabie, Ciara, Alana, Carmen
HEAT 4 (5:30pm): David, James Lewis, Steve R, Leah, Diamand, Jaz Torres, Chantelle, Jen A
HEAT 5 (5:50pm): Teddy, Berto, Darin, Mike Yoshino, Jordyn A, Brie, Janet, Peggy
HEAT 6 (6:10pm): Ben Smiley, Josh Murphy, Justin Atkins, Mike Van Buren, Sage Hirasuna, Noriko, Meg Van Buren, Jaz, Dee

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Open Intramural Teams

Announcing the teams for the first ever CrossFit 808 Open Intramural! If you do not see your name on the list and you'd like to participate, please email Coach Elyse ( Make sure you are registered at and select CrossFit 808 as your affiliate. More details about the Intramural scoring in the next post.

Aaron Fuller
Allison Stone
Alyssa Lagat-Ramos
Anthony Carroll
Ben Smiley
Betta Yeung
Brandy Richardson
Brie Schwing
Chris Stoebenau
Ciara Aquino
Cullen Forburger
Dee Morgado
David DeGroot
James Lewis
Jamie Hendrick
Janet Ferreira
Jason Attaway
Jaz Torres
Jen Attaway
Jordyn Attaway
Josh Akiona
Josh Golden
Josh Murphy
Josh Showers
Justin Atkins
Glenn Teraoka
Golden Piihoa
Kate Ikahihifo
Lei Kaauamo
Liko Patrick
Lindsey Shank
Lowen Cabuag
Marcus Ofoia-Stevens
Mariela Soto
Mary Schwing
Matthew Lee
Meg Van Buren
Mike Yoshino
Nate Kabei
Noe Mikami
Rachel Lai
Sarah Rabie
Yoshi Muraoka
Zach Schwing

Alana Young
Andrew Ige
Ashley Perkins
Blake Kitamura
Byron Patrick
Caleb Gaudian
Carmen Lewis
Casey Hawk
Casey Hutnick
Chad Tam
Chantelle Thibodeaux
Christine Battad
Cody Collins
Dana Okamoto
Darin Goo
Derek Kravitsky
Diamand Franklin
Dustin Thibodeaux
Eli Rosenberg
Elyse Umeda-Korth
Gracie Clark
Jaz McGuire
Julie Tanabe-Goo
Keoni Manago
Kristi Ige
Kyle Oroku
Leah Young
Marsha Durbin
Maryrose DeGroot
Melvin Imai
Mike Van Buren
Nathan Oki
Nic Lee
Nohea Taufaasau
Noriko Watanabe
Paulo Napoles
Peggy Kanemori
Ren Yamashita
Rich Korth
Roberto Coronado
Ross Shimabuku
Sarah Ho
Sergio Andrade
Steve Rodolfich

The 2019 Open is here!

Just like in the past Opens, workouts will be announced on Thursdays, which means we will be doing the "Open Workout" of the week on Fridays. The 6:00am, 8:30am, and noon classes will have the "Open Workout" programmed as their workout of the day (WOD).

In the afternoon/evening we will hold our "Friday Night Lights" event with the first heat beginning promptly at 4:30pm. The box will open at 4:00pm for athletes to come in and warm-up/mobilize. Heat schedules will be posted Thursday evening, so don't forget to sign-up on the Zen Planner schedule by Thursday at 5:00PM.

If you cannot make Friday to perform the Open Workout, we will have our "Second Chance Sundays" which will start around 9:30am. You must find street parking for this event as New Hope holds their Sunday services in the morning. 

All scores must be submitted by Monday at 5pm (Pacific Time) for the respective week. Be aware that DST occurs on Sunday, March 10th, which will bump our time difference to 3 hours from Pacific Time.

If you still have questions, feel free to email me at We love hosting the Open at 808 and enjoy watching everyone challenge themselves. REMEMBER TO ENJOY THE EXPERIENCE and FULL EFFORT IS ALWAYS FULL VICTORY! Oh, and don't forget to thank your coaches and judge throughout the 5 weeks. They put a ton of time and effort into making sure the Open runs smoothly for everyone.

Performing the Open Events at 808:
  • Friday Classes – Members will have the option to perform the Open workouts during any of the morning group classes - 6:00am, 8:30am and Noon. 
  • Friday Night Lights – Please cooperate with us and find street parking for this event if possible. We expect a large number of athletes and we must leave parking open for other tenants during the evening. 
  • Second Chance Sundays – You MUST find street parking for this event as New Hope holds their Sunday services in the morning.