Friday, February 22, 2019

Intramural Scoring

Alright, gang! So sorry this took so long, we had a bunch of last minute additions to our Open roster and I had to make sure they got onto a team. Here is the breakdown of the scoring for our first ever Intramural!

There are 3 ways to score for your team each week/workout: PARTICIPATION, PERFORMANCE, and SPIRIT!

  • PARTICIPATION: whichever team has the higher number of athletes who complete the workout for that week.
  • PERFORMANCE: we have 3 Intramural Skill Levels -- Open RX, Open Scaled, and Open Modified. All Open Workouts must be completed as prescribed within each level in order to be scored. Each team will then have a Performance Subtotal, which is the average of all athletes' scores within their skill level. Then each skill level subtotal is given a placement.
  • SPIRIT: each week we will have a theme for the Open! The team with the most spirit will get this "W"!
    • 19.1 - TEAM COLOR
    • 19.2 - JERSEYS
    • 19.3 - TIE DYE
    • 19.4 - 80s
    • 19.5 - TBA

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