Friday, March 11, 2016


Today's Workout:
"Open Workout 16.3"
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 7 minutes of:
10 power snatches
3 bar muscle-ups

Men use 75 lb.
Women use 55 lb.

Heat 1: Bekah, Jamie, Christine, Yoshi, and Nate K
Heat 2: Alex, Gabe, Devon, Chris S., and Steve R.

Heat 1: Kellie, Adriana, Emily, Phoebe, Iris (visitor), and Jason C.
Heat 2: Linn, Christine, Mary, Glenn T., and Lei K

Heat 1: Jen J., Ashley (visitor), Amy, Brian, Ken, and Steve Y
Heat 2: Shawna, Jen G., Lia, Sean O., Nate O., Chad T., and Josh K.
Heat 3: Wallee, Julie, Jason, Brad, Derek, and Justin U.

Friday Night Lights
Doors will open at 5:30pm for the first heat, which begins at 6:00pm.

VERY IMPORTANT: You must find street parking for this event. The parking lots in front are off limits. We expect a large number of athletes and we do not want to have to  ask you to move your car in the middle of your warm-up or workout.

Heat 1 (6:00pm): Nick, Grant, Sergio, Darin, Kehau, Kate, Priscilla, and Lauren M.
Heat 2 (6:10pm): Teddy, Eric, Bryce (visitor), Fernando, Lisa, Melisa, and Lai
Heat 3 (6:20pm): Bri T., Jon F., Golden, Ashlee H., Kellie (visitor), and Noe
Heat 4 (6:30pm): Tony, CJ, Roberto, Lauren S., Alicia, Liko, and Dana
Heat 5 (6:40pm): Ricky, Mike Y., Cullen, Brie, Traci, Liz, and Ren
Heat 6 (6:50pm): Dwight, Thibs, Luke, Rubi, Perkins, and Anna
Heat 7 (7:00pm): Chris F., Blake (visitor), Jon M., Allison, Jazmin, and Chantelle
Heat 8 (7:10pm): Ryan Southard, David, Jamie S.

If you are not in a heat above, it is because you did not sign-up before the NOON cut-off today. You need to email Coach Elyse ( ASAP and I will try to get you in a later heat.

If you wish to do the workout a second time, there will be an opportunity to re-do the workout on "Second Chance Sundays" at 10:00am. Please sign-up by SATURDAY AT NOON on the MINDBODY schedule and you will be placed in a heat.

**This week and for the final 2 weeks of the Open, if you need a coach to judge you on a different day/time that is not listed above, you will need to setup a day/time and pay the coach $10. The $10 will be a donation to the Team CrossFit 808 travel fund.**

All scores must be submitted by Monday at 5pm (Pacific Time) for the respective week. Be aware that DST occurs on Sunday, March 13th, which will bump our time difference to 3 hours from Pacific Time, therefore the submission time will be no later than 2pm (Hawaii Time), NOT 3pm.

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