Thursday, February 25, 2016


IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS (this does not affect any of the 6:00am, 8:30am, and noon classes): 
With the announcement of 16.1, we have to make a few changes logistically so we can accommodate the 90+ athletes registered for the Open this year. Since the workout requires 25 feet of Walking Lunges, we can only fit 6 athletes in one heat. So, starting at 4:00PM, we will run 6 person heats until we validate everyone needing validation. YOU MUST GO TO MINDBODY now and sign-up for a heat. IF YOU DO NOT SIGN-UP, YOU WILL NOT GET VALIDATED. If you have trouble with the MINDBODY app, just log on with your computer or internet browser. If you are a visitor you must email Coach Elyse ( and request a time. Preference will be given to 808 athletes first, but will do our best to accommodate visitors. The validation fee is $20 (cash only).

We are also asking that you come only 30-minutes prior (NOT EARLIER) to your heat and you must leave soon after you finish. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate the large volume of cars in the parking lot and will ask you to park on the street if you show up too early or try to hangout after your assigned heat. Coach Sage will be enforcing the parking, so please do not upset the pregnant coach! If you park on the street, you can hangout as long as you like!


Weightlifting Club will be CLOSED tomorrow (Friday) due to the CrossFit Games Open. You guys will be back in action on Monday, February 29th. Thanks!

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