Monday, October 23, 2017

Important message about Monday morning classes: Unfortunately the plumber was not able to clear the entire clog on Friday and is coming back on Monday morning. We will still have our normal schedule and can use the bathrooms in the fronting offices of the property (thanks to our property manger). However, there are NO SHOWERS, so please plan accordingly. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Today's Workout:
A. Every 2-minutes for 12-minutes (6 sets): Power Snatch 3 Reps @ 50% of 1-RM Snatch 3 Reps @ 55% 2 Reps @ 60% 2 Reps @ 65% 1 Rep @ 70% 1 Rep @ 75% Followed by... Every 2-minutes for 8-minutes (4 sets): Power Snatch x 1 rep Build to a heavy single.

B. "Isabel"
For Time: 30 Snatches (135/95 lbs)

C. "Optional Accessories" Accumulate 3:00 of Wall Sits

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