Friday, November 15, 2013

The CrossFit 808 Barbell Club is your opportunity to enhance your strength, skill, and knowledge of the Olympic Lifts through a ton of technical drills and accessory work. This WINTER 13 segment of Barbell Club will take place on Sundays between 10am and 1pm for a total of 9 weeks starting November 17th and ending January 12th (with a Sunday off on DECEMBER 29th). During each Sunday session, athletes will come in during the open hours and choose their program for the day (Beginner, Performance, or Competition) based on their needs and goals.

Barbell Club pricing is on a sliding scale based on your monthly membership. Please make all checks payable to Joshua Akiona.
Unlimited members: $100 for the 8 sessions
3x/week members: $140 for the 8 sessions
2x/week members: $160 for the 8 sessions
Non-members: $200 for the 8 sessions

If you are interested in attending Barbell Club and want more information, please email with the subject line: WINTER 13 BBC. Thanks!

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